More Destinations. More Flights. More Relentlessly Reliable® Service.

Southwest Airlines and AirTran networks were officially connected in April 2013. In addition to connecting our networks to offer you hundreds of new flight options, we have added several new cities to the Southwest Airlines Cargo network over the past year including: Richmond, VA (RIC); Charlotte, NC (CLT); Rochester, NY (ROC); San Juan, PR (SJU); and Memphis, TN (MEM). Most recently we have added Grand Rapids, MI (GRR) and Washington, D.C. (DCA) to give our Customers access to more flights and more destinations than ever before!

This is the power of Southwest Airlines and AirTran!

Included below is a list of Questions & Answers to help our Customers walk through how connectivity & the new cities may impact their business.  If you have additional questions or want to apply for a cargo account, contact SWA Cargo Inside Sales at

Q: What does it mean that we have connected the Southwest and AirTran networks?
A: Cargo Customers now have hundreds of new flight options to choose from for reliable shipping on both the SWA and AirTran networks. Since AirTran planes will eventually integrate into the Southwest brand forming a single network, our approach to connecting the two networks is different than a typical airline codeshare agreement. Our solution is temporary in nature and will only be in place until AirTran is fully integrated into the Southwest brand.

Q: Why are we connecting our networks?
A: Though AirTran Airways is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines, the two are still operating as separate carriers. As AirTran planes are transferred into the Southwest brand, the AirTran network will gradually decrease. Connecting the networks allows our Customers the convenience to transport shipments on both Southwest and AirTran flights on one itinerary. Additionally, we will introduce the Southwest Airlines brand to AirTran Customers.

Q: When will Southwest and AirTran become one airline?
A: Our plan is to have AirTran completely integrated into Southwest Airlines by the end of 2014.

Q: Can I transport my shipments on all AirTran flights?
A: No, Customers can only benefit from the AirTran flight schedule in cities where there is a Southwest Airlines Cargo Facility. Check out the route map above to locate the cities using the legend, "Both AirTran & SWA Flight Service Available". 

Q: Can I transport human remains on AirTran flights?
A: No, Southwest Support® service is only available to/from SWA Cargo locations and must be transported on SWA aircraft.

Q: Are there any other restricted items for shipments on AirTran flights?
A: Besides the existing items that SWA is unable to ship or the items that require advance arrangements included on our 
Content Restrictions page, the only new restriction is not being able to transport human remains on AirTran flights. Customers must comply with the Cargo Contract of Carriage.

Q: If a Customer is shipping on an AirTran flight, where can he/she find information on the AirTran cargo size acceptability chart?
A: Customers can view both the SWA and AirTran size acceptability charts on

Q: Are there special guidelines when shipping to San Juan, PR (SJU)? 
A: Yes, Customers shipping to/from SJU are subject to additional requirements. Our Operations & Customer Service Teams have outlined 
helpful tips and guidelines for Customers shipping to/from SJU. 

Q: Where can I locate information on Rates shipping to/from San Juan, PR (SJU)?
A: Rates shipping to/from SJU can be located on under our
rates page.

Q: Can Customers use the Cargo Companion device to/from San Juan, PR (SJU)?
A: Yes, Customers can use Cargo Companion to/from SJU.

Q: Where can Customers locate the SWA and AirTran flight schedule?
A: Customers can access SWA and AirTran flights through the 
Cargo Flight Schedule page on

Q: How does cargo connect between the SWA and AirTran network?  Is additional connection time required?
A: Cargo will transfer between SWA and AirTran flights as it currently transfers between SWA flights. The 
Cargo Flight Schedule page on also includes the applicable connection times.

Q: Will the Cargo Customer Care Center manage my inquiries related to shipments on AirTran flights?
A: Customers can contact the Cargo Customer Care Center for inquiries related to shipments on both SWA and AirTran flights. 

Q: Is SWA Cargo planning on opening cargo facilities in more cities throughout the AirTran network?
A: Southwest Airlines does intend to serve additional AirTran cities and we plan to evaluate each of those opportunities in the near future.

Q: If a Customer is enrolled in a Loyalty Program for Cargo, can the Southwest Airlines® Green Passes be used on AirTran flights and/or blended network flights? 
A: No. Green Pass travel is not eligible for use on AirTran flights or shared network itineraries.